What is DiscGolfer?

DiscGolfer is a simple live Disc Golf score tracking application for mobile phones with J2ME Java and Maemo Mobile Linux (Nokia N770, N800, N810, N900). You can install it on your mobile by downloading DiscGolfer.jar from the Files section with your phone, or with your computer and then sending it to your phone. For Maemo devices, download discgolfer_something.deb. If you want to try the software on windows, download the windows version. DiscGolfer is being developed by Eemil Lagerspetz. To learn more, see the the DiscGolfer summary page, or download the source code or binary. There is currently no user guide for DiscGolfer available.

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Download DiscGolfer

To see the files of the DiscGolfer project, proceed to the Files section. DiscGolfer runs on most platforms with a Java or Java-like Virtual Machine. The DiscGolfer Graphical User Interface uses Eclipse SWT, which must be installed on a platform to run it. DiscGolfer is distributed with SWT for the Intel x86 and x86_64 platforms. The Nokia N800 and newer Internet tablets with the Jalimo Virtual Machine include SWT. If you wish to run the DiscGolfer GUI on a different platform, Install Eclipse SWT.

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Get Support

Get help with DiscGolfer by reporting a bug or discussing the project. Bug reports and feature requests are appreciated. Remember that DiscGolfer is experimental software; there may be a lot of bugs and glitches. Report any that you can find. When reporting, refer to the name of the file you downloaded (for example

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For Developers

To join this project, please contact the project administrators of this project, as shown on the DiscGolfer summary page.

Get the source code

The source code of DiscGolfer is available through the DiscGolfer svn repository.

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The exact license terms used by this project can be found on the project summary page and in the licensing documents included in the downloads.

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